Hi! I’m Rachel Stokes and welcome to my very little corner of the cyber world.

I created this blog to connect with a community of fellow exhausted mamas who may just need a small distraction from that mountain high pile of laundry that needs to be folded or the dirty dishes that have been sitting there for, let’s be honest, a few days now.

I am a first time mother with our second on the way, and would love to share the little bits of advice, experience and just day-to-day life as a parent that I have both laughed and cried about along the way. I don’t know who said the best job in the world was easy? Because they were lying! We all know it is rewarding beyond measure, and everyday I like to remember to embrace the beautiful moments. However, we also know it can be hard sometimes too. So I hope to share some of what goes on in our little family, wins and loses, in hopes that it might make it a tiny bit easier for us all.

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In saying all this, Simply Stoked is a way for me to document my adventures as a “Stokes”. I married a man by the last name of ‘Stokes’ and it was a little running joke at the wedding that I was pretty ‘stoked’ that day. Quite simply, I have been absolutely stoked ever since and could not imagine life anymore complete than with my husband and beautiful children. I feel very blessed indeed.

If you aren’t sick of me yet, and want to know more, I’d love for you to stay awhile. You can follow me on my social media, or subscribe via email (on the right hand side) for all the latest updates.