Lessons from my Daughter: Be Quick to Forgive

Lessons from my Daughter - Be Quick to Forgive - Simply Stoked Blog (www.simplystoked.co)

Being a mother is not always easy. In fact, most days are hard work. And if you are a mum, you know that. You know that well. It has pulled me in so many directions, that sometimes my emotions can not keep up and I often question my own sanity. Some days are harder than others, but through all of this I can see the delights and the little life lessons that my daughter shows me daily. To society, I know I am to be teaching her the many life skills needed to grow to become a well-adjusted and sophisticated young woman that can contribute positively to our community. But most of the time, I believe there is so much we can learn from our children. These precious children come into this world with believing hearts. They are full of love, humility and obedience. If we just stop and look, our children bless our lives in such powerful, yet innocent ways. I can see this in my daughters eyes daily and I know that she has taught me a whole lot more than I feel like I’ve shared with her.

I wanted to share an experience that happened today. Now, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened in our house, but today it made me stop and think. It had been a hard and long day. Both on myself, emotionally and physically, and my daughter too. She was crying over everything. I couldn’t find the pink cup she so desperately had to have her juice in, the mandarin she had for morning tea ‘broke’ at the wrong moment when she was trying to peel it herself, and heaven forbid, I wouldn’t let her eat the raw chicken I was preparing for dinner. Just to name a few. It was at the end of the night, my husband was due home from work any minute and I was hanging on my last straw. I just needed to sit down, rest my aching pregnant body, and ease my nerves because I was about to explode. My daughter didn’t know this. She doesn’t know how exhausting this belly gets, how broken my back feels and how swollen my feet may feel. She doesn’t get that sometimes mummy just needs to relax for a moment. And that’s okay. She is only two. But tonight, she just wouldn’t have it. To be honest with you, I can’t even remember what my daughter was having a tantrum over at this point. But she was screaming, and I’m surprised my neighbours didn’t rush over with the noise she was making. Then, at that moment, we were sharing the tantrum. I was now sitting on the bathroom floor crying my eyes out, not sure how I could physically last the next five minutes before my husband got home. Then, after a few minutes, I was still beside myself, but I had noticed that my daughter had stopped and was now standing beside me. She so quietly had her hand on my back and was saying, “You ok, mummy?” I’m tearing up just re-living this with you. “Be happy ‘gain,” she went on to say. Her beautiful spirit had forgiven me for the mistakes I had made that day. She had been so quick to forget herself and was now only concerned about my own comfort. The roles had truly swapped. She melted my heart and there was not another moment spent crying, but moments full of kisses and cuddles. And for all my husband knows, when he walked in that very moment, we had been in such a great mood all day.

In the world we live in today, and from the many life experiences we are perhaps challenged with, I believe our innocence and ability to have a believing heart and a childlike faith is taken from us. But there’s a reason our children are here and by looking at their example, I feel their bright spirits have so much we can learn from. What a beautiful world we would live in, if we could see the lesson I learnt today from a two year old and be this quick to forgive. What has your child/ren taught you recently?

Lessons from my Daughter - Be Quick to Forgive - Simply Stoked Blog (www.simplystoked.co)

  • Wow. That was a beautiful post, Rachel. You’re not alone. All too often it has been my son who has reminded me to “be happy”. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience. I loved it.

    • Rachel Stokes

      Thankyou! I am so glad that I am not alone in this. Being a mama is tough, but the sweet little reminders from our children make such a difference. And for that I am grateful! 🙂

  • JeeYoung

    So so sweet. Seriously, I had a moment the other day where I look at the baby and just sighed and smiled. They teach us more than they will every know!

    • Rachel Stokes

      I love those moments! They will have no idea how much they change our lives, and change it for the better!

  • beth kelley

    Children can teach us the most simple of lessons. Lovely post.

    • Rachel Stokes

      And that is why I love their sweet hearts. Thankyou for stopping by!

  • Rachel Osborn

    How sweet! Kids have great lessons to teach us. What sweet innocence.

    • Rachel Stokes

      They really do. We just need to stop and realise it more than we do. (Or at least I need to).

  • Nique85

    This post was so sweet! I love it. I felt this way yesterday. I was at my wits end. I put dinner on the table and I was kind of frazzled and ready for my kids to go to bed. Then they look up at me and say “thank you for the food mommy, you are the best mommy ever”. It melted all of the anger, sadness and overwhelming feelings away.

    • Rachel Stokes

      I am so glad I am not alone in this! I have so many of these moments, and there they are just melting your heart and it’s all in perspective again.

  • Starr Schrenker

    Your daughter’s kindness and forgiveness made me tear up! What a beautiful moment between mommy and her little girl. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Rachel Stokes

      That is so kind. Thankyou! It’s definitely a moment I needed at the time and one I won’t forget!

  • Beautiful story. I have been there. My four year old daughter will often tell me to “take a deep breath and everything will be okay” when she sees me get frazzled about something.

    • Rachel Stokes

      Oh, isn’t she the sweetest! And sometimes that’s all we need.

  • Sarah Pierce

    This was so touching!! Kids can bring out the worst in us… but they can also remind us of the best just when we need it the most! They are so full of love and forgiveness and empathy. I teared up a bit when reading this simply because it reminds me so much of my daughter and I… thanks for sharing! <3

    • What you have said couldn’t be more true! And I am so glad I am not the only one that feels like motherhood is all too much sometimes. Our children are such sweet little ones with great big hearts!

  • D – enjoymamahood.com

    This completely tugged on my heartstrings. I’ve experienced something similar with my oldest and it’s actually been happening a lot lately where he’s been asking me “Okay mama?” It just puts things in perspective and makes me completely grateful that I’ve so far raised such a caring individual. Thanks for sharing and keep it up mama! <3

    • Oh aren’t they just the sweetest at this age. I wish they’d never grow up, or at least always care about their mama the way they do now.

  • Deborah Morey

    HI Rachel,
    This was beautifully written. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your real life. Mommyhood is so very HARD sometimes and then beauty shows up. What a precious memory to hold.

    • Rachel Stokes

      Thankyou Deborah! I appreciate your comments. Mommy hood is so hard! But what a beautiful role it is and when moments like this happen I can’t help but be so grateful for my role as a mama.