Birth Story: My Natural Birth

Birth Story - My Natural Birth

Where do I even begin. It has been another exhausting, pain staking, emotional but beautiful and life changing experience to birth my second daughter. I wouldn’t change the way she entered the world or the way she has filled our lives with so much love and gratitude for anything. 

This birth story was very different in so many ways to my first. And I am so glad I was able to experience what I did. 

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Lessons from my Daughter: Be Quick to Forgive

Lessons from my Daughter - Be Quick to Forgive - Simply Stoked Blog (

Being a mother is not always easy. In fact, most days are hard work. And if you are a mum, you know that. You know that well. It has pulled me in so many directions, that sometimes my emotions can not keep up and I often question my own sanity. Some days are harder than others, but through all of this I can see the delights and the little life lessons that my daughter shows me daily. To society, I know I am to be teaching her the many life skills needed to grow to become a well-adjusted and sophisticated young woman that can contribute positively to our community. But most of the time, I believe there is so much we can learn from our children. These precious children come into this world with believing hearts. They are full of love, humility and obedience. If we just stop and look, our children bless our lives in such powerful, yet innocent ways. I can see this in my daughters eyes daily and I know that she has taught me a whole lot more than I feel like I’ve shared with her.

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The Perfect Mom.


You can't be a perfect mom, but you can be a great one. Simply Stoked Blog (

That’s just it. The perfect mom. How are you supposed to even live up to that? How are you to compete with all the other mama’s out there? As you lay your head down at night, how can you really be satisfied that the house is spotless, the child(ren) are happy and full and now fast asleep, your husband has never been more in love with you and you’ve had the chance to regroup with a little ‘me’ time? How do you even begin to find that balance?

The answer is you can’t. There is no such thing as a perfect mother. You can definitely be a great one, an amazing one, a caring one, but to be perfect holds a whole lot more unnecessary pressure on yourself that you really can’t juggle on top of everything else.

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How We Ditched the Dummy at 4 Months Old.

How We Ditched the Dummy at 4 Months Old - Simply Stoked Blog (

It was rough few weeks. And I’m not exaggerating. Not one part of me wants to relive what I have had to go through with my first and her sleep. I pray everyday our future children are easier or maybe that I’ll just be more prepared and experienced. All the same, it was horrible. Being a first time mum, most of the time I have no idea what I am doing and if I am doing any of it right. I like to tell myself if she is happy and I am happy we must be doing fine. But after 3 months, my daughter’s sleep went downhill. She had a dummy that she used only at sleep times. And she had had this dummy since she was less than a week old. It’s what got me through those first few weeks. She’d love to use me as a dummy and with all the pain and complications we were experiencing with that, I thought that introducing the dummy would ease the settling. It worked. And it worked well. If your a mum and your child has or has had a dummy you will probably agree with me in that it works some serious baby magic. Sometimes all my daughter needed was a good suck to calm herself and she was fine. It was such a lifesaver!

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