Lessons from my Daughter: Be Quick to Forgive

Lessons from my Daughter - Be Quick to Forgive - Simply Stoked Blog (www.simplystoked.co)

Being a mother is not always easy. In fact, most days are hard work. And if you are a mum, you know that. You know that well. It has pulled me in so many directions, that sometimes my emotions can not keep up and I often question my own sanity. Some days are harder than others, but through all of this I can see the delights and the little life lessons that my daughter shows me daily. To society, I know I am to be teaching her the many life skills needed to grow to become a well-adjusted and sophisticated young woman that can contribute positively to our community. But most of the time, I believe there is so much we can learn from our children. These precious children come into this world with believing hearts. They are full of love, humility and obedience. If we just stop and look, our children bless our lives in such powerful, yet innocent ways. I can see this in my daughters eyes daily and I know that she has taught me a whole lot more than I feel like I’ve shared with her.

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