Morning Sickness is Not for the Weak.

Morning Sickness

Today, I am feeling very pregnant. One of those days where I am just so uncomfortable. So before I share my experiences with this pregnancy, I wanted to share an account I wrote when I was pregnant with my first child and how very real pregnancy (well more specifically, morning sickness) was for me.

“It has been the most physically and emotionally draining experience of my life. Somehow, I can officially say I have made it through. And sometimes I truly wonder how I did it and more importantly, how my husband put up with me through it. Yes, it’s that dreaded morning, or should I say all day sickness that a few of us unlucky ladies are cursed with. I honestly had no idea. None. I always knew my mother suffered from morning sickness with the majority of symptoms that accompany it. I just never remembered how bad my mother was during her pregnancies. So as naive as I was at the very beginning of this and even before that, knowing that I wanted children, I thought it was no big deal. Vomiting, pshh. I vomit every couple of months at ‘that’ time of the month. (Yes, and it would get intense sometimes. With a record of 11 one cycle. Not so pretty). So I thought I could cope with that during pregnancy. No big deal, right? Wrong!

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