Simple Date Ideas for New Parents.

Simple Date Ideas for New ParentsI want to start out by sharing something I came across recently. I read a post called “To Wives, Before You Were Mommy‘” by Becky Thompson, that really touched my heart and had me thinking about the effort I may or may not be putting into my marriage now that we are new parents. Becky says it very clearly that before we were a mother to our child(ren), we were wives to our husbands, and the men too were husbands before they were fathers. It is important for us to remember this man. To remember that we are his wife. We need to remember how much we love and cherish him. How hard working he is, and how when he comes home from a long, demanding day at work he is right in there helping us with the child(ren). I urge you to go and have a read of this article. It will put everything back into perspective. We all need the little reminder every now and then.

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