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Every day I am in awe at some of the things my daughter says or comes up with. Some of them make me laugh, some cry and others are just plain cute. So, to remember these moments and her ever-evolving language skills and imagination, I thought I would share with you some of the main ones. These have all happened within the last few months, where she has just turned two.

  1. Walking past the lingerie section in the Myer department store, as we head out to the car, B stops to dawdle as always and notices some lacy red underwear, with not a whole lot of material (if you catch my drift). It has been all about potty training at the moment, so she goes on to yell out, “Big girl undies… So cute!” I was so embarassed. We are going to have to watch that girl.
  2. It was the end of a Church meeting, and a precious older man was closing with a prayer. It happened to be a long, very drawn-out but thoughtful prayer. However, just over half way through, B decides to yell out, “Comeeee on!” I was horrified to say the least.
  3. After getting into trouble over something small (who really knows what to be honest), B went on to point and yell at her father, “You! You! You!” then stormed into her room and actually slammed the door. I don’t think she meant to close it that hard and perhaps the wind was on her side but my husband and I just looked at each other and couldn’t believe it. She’s only two. Wait till she is 16!
  4. Disney princess movies are B’s favourite at the moment. Sleeping Beauty, Tangled and Frozen just to name a few. But my favourite is every time the romantic part of the story comes on and the main characters are about to kiss, she gets so incredibly excited. She covers her mouth with a surprised, excited grin on her face and yells, “They kiss! They kiss!” Sometimes she’ll bounce up and down in excitement too. She can’t help herself. She is such a little girl and I love it.
  5. And on the same subject of kissing, if you ask B to give you a ‘true love’s kiss,’ she will hold her hand under your chin, bring your face into hers and slowly put her lips on yours, holding there for a few seconds. It’s so tender and adorable!
  6. Every time we notice an aeroplane in the sky, B yells out, “Sydneyy! I miss him.”
  7. B was being looked after by one of her Aunties (L) and swung her little ‘dress up’ handbag, hitting L on the arm unintentionally. L sighed a dramatic sigh to get her attention and in doing so, B went on to apologise saying, “Sorry, I not be sassy.”
  8. While visiting her relatives, she wouldn’t let her Uncle (B) study. Instead she pushed him out of his room, saying “Go out, go out, go out!” B did just that, closed the door enough so he could still see her but she didn’t realise he was there. Then, she sits on his computer chair and starts dancing by herself to his music. After a few moments, she hops down and dances the most we’ve ever seen her groove. She really was dancing like no one was watching.
  9. And the phrase, “It not fair!” is used quite often and in context. I have no idea where she picked this one up from! But they honestly learn so young! It scares me sometimes.

Do you have a funny moment of when your little one may have blurted out something unexpected? I’d love to hear your story in the comments below. Kids say the darnest things, right? Haha.

  • It’s not fair! I love it hahaha oh and the things they do when they think we are not watching! Priceless! I love being able to witness their personalities grow and individualize, I need to see B! I miss you guys xxx Can’t wait to see how baby #2’s personality grows xxx

    • Me too! I think watching their personalities grow is my favourite part about being a mum! We miss you guys too. x

  • Ebony-Rose Vienna

    This is so sweet! I cannot wait until my little one starts talking and we make these sorts of memories. How funny xx

    • Oh it is so fun to hear what they come up with. But once they start, they never stop talking! Haha

  • Sooooo adorable. I burst out laughing at #2 (I bet everyone was thinking it anyway lol!) These little moments are treasures xx

    • Rachel Stokes

      Hahha, I love re-reading this post. Thanks for your comments. Number 2 is a favourite of mine too!